~* our table at megacon 2024 *~

here's some of our merch that's now available online!

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BOY ☆ CATCHER rainbow acrylic keychains
gold stamped sun & moon ship acrylic charms
rotten girl gang logo embroidered keychains
BOY CRAZY screenprinted tees
sparkly ecchi buttons
kudos bottlecap pins
bespoke yaoi heart buttons
bespoke yaoi heart buttons
yaoi candy keychains
yaoi candy keychains
yaoi candy lemon phone charms
yaoi candy lime phone charms
blorbo deco sticker sheets
yaoi candy snacks sticker sheets
yaoi censors sticker sheets
yaoi rating scale stickers
holographic peeker stickers
octopussy stickers
no flamin' stickers
naughty clown stickers
problematic label stickers
BL CHECK stickers
organic yaoi stickers
gay thoughts glitter stickers
mpregnant stickers
how bad me be stickers
don't like, don't look magnets
holographic mini prints
boy tears mugs
pass the yaoi shot glasses
dubcon and noncon parody con badges
brocon and siscon parody con badges
content warning washi tapes
lemon and lime washi tapes
content warning lanyards
lemon and lime lanyards


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