rotten girl gang is a nostalgic brand celebrating the fandom experience of the early 2000s, meant for all those who believe that freedom of expression shouldn't be a thing of the past. if you still identify as a fujoshi in 2024, this is the place for you!

1 about the name 1

fujoshi (腐女子) is a japanese term that literally means "rotten girl." first used as an insult against female fans of gay male pairings in anime & manga, it was reclaimed and made its way to the west, where it was embraced in our early 2000s online & convention culture. here at rotten girl gang we wear it as a badge of honor, a tongue-in-cheek celebration of our "naughty" interest in yaoi. fear not, you don't have to be a girl to join the gang -- this name was just chosen as a tribute to the role that women have played in defining fandom since the very beginning. ☆ visit fujoshi.info for further reading on the subject!

1 about the gang 1

rotten girl gang is an online shop and in-person artist alley table, selling a range of goods such as buttons, stickers, washi tape, prints, and keychains themed on the fujoshi fandom experience, working our way up to t-shirts, hoodies, tote bags, and ita bags to round out your weeaboo wardrobe. its founder is an orlando native who has been dealing at conventions since 2016 with great success and can't wait to bring this new passion project to an anime con near you!

an example of some of the stickers we have available! see more merch here!

1 this business has been BLESSED by yuri and yaoi jesus 1