the full lineup!

along with a restock of PASS THE YAOI mugs and shot glasses, you can now grab an AMPERSAND mug as well!!! and don't forget about our adorable BOY TEARS mugs! ;3

owo what's this

there's also a new sticker to check out -- a reference to a meme some of you may remember! killing stalking fujos, it's your time to shine!



last night it came to our attention that our new shop was only offering priority mail due to an error in the shipping setup! we got it fixed and you can now select USPS "ground advantage" shipping in the US for about $5-$6!!! everyone who ordered with priority mail will be contacted and refunded for the overcharge. so sorry to anyone who had to abandon their cart due to the high shipping costs before, hopefully you can come back and complete your orders now! check out our new shop at shop.rottengirlgang.com!!!



THE ROTTEN GIRL GANG SHOP IS REOPENED FOR BUSINESS! we've found a new home over on ecwid and just put the finishing touches on our sexy new storefront!! go check it out, make an account, and for a limited time enjoy 10% off your first order with the code ETSYSUX!!

isn't it snazzy?!

you may notice a couple new items when you go to browse! our goggle boys have come in, along with some new washi tape and a new sun & moon ship charm featuring ringo-chan's all-time favorite digimon ship, daiken!

digimon drop!!

we've also added a new circle sticker to commemorate the shop's reopening~ ('▽^)

watch out, anime twinks!!

thank you all so much for your patience and support in the wake of our suspension from etsy! (╥n╥) we started this endeavor knowing it would eventually meet opposition, but we'll never let corporate censorship keep us down! the gang is here to stay, no matter what the haters say!! we hope you'll grab some goodies from the new shop and spread the word to help us test it out and make up for lost income during the time we spent rebuilding it bigger and better than ever! ୧(` ω ´)୨



KIKI PLUSH PREORDERS ARE BACK UP! despite etsy suspending our shop, the kiki doll preorder will continue as planned through a google form!! if you already ordered through etsy, you will NOT have to fill out this form or order again, as we still have access to all past orders and will be fulfilling them as promised. but any additional orders will have to be made through our new google form and paid with paypal, so please help us spread the form link to anyone else who might be interested in ordering before the preorder ends!

next order of business will be getting our shop set back up on another website!! i'm currently researching all our options and will have news for you as soon as possible! keep following our blog, instagram, or aethy for updates!



bad news, gang. today our online shop was permanently suspended from etsy with no warning or way to appeal. we still have access to all outstanding orders, including the kiki plush preorders, but we're backing everything up just in case. the preorders will end this friday as planned, but further orders will have to be accepted through a google form which i will set up later this week. rest assured that you WILL receive everything you've ordered, and a new shop will be opening soon with even more new products!! keep an eye on our website and join our mailing list for updates!



preorders have just begun for this plush doll of kieran (character from the pokémon SV DLC) designed by guest artist sugu_daisuki@aethy.com! the gang is thrilled to be handling the orders and fulfillment for this adorable plush, starting with a preorder period from march 18th to april 3rd, 2024! after that, the order will be put in and the dolls will be produced and ready to ship out in late may/early june! these dolls are made to order and will NOT be available after the preorder, so be sure to order by april 3rd, 2024! preorder here!

isn't he cute?

in other preorder news, we've received photos from the manufacturer of some of our new keychains! they'll be shipping out to us shortly. the order is coming a little later than expected (that post-new year rush) but preorders will be shipped asap!

digimon boys incoming!

oh, one last notice -- we've had to temporarily suspend our "free shipping over 50" code until after the preorder to ensure that we receive enough money from each order to cover the cost of the kiki dolls. it'll be back after the preorder period has ended! ❤



hey gang!! a lot of summer con acceptances are rolling out and we managed to snag a few tables! june 28th-30th we'll be at anime festival orlando again, this time in their new 18+ showcase area!! i think it'll be a perfect fit for our table! then from august 23rd-25th we have citrus con, an ONLINE convention that you all can visit! we'll be running a special deal in the shop and have a discord shopfront set up where you can hang out and chat! unfortunately we were waitlisted for otakufest, but that doesn't mean we won't still snag a last minute table drop -- stay tuned for further updates! can't wait to see you all soon! ☆ ~('▽^人)



guess what, gang?! the site's theme switcher is finally here! you can now switch between the "original" and "accessible" layout at the top of the sidebar on every page! (and at the top of the screen if there's no sidebar) the accessible theme should act as a "dark mode" and be easier to read than the eye-gouging original theme. of course, if you enjoy having your eyes bleed (like me), you can leave the site as-is! sorry it took so long to implement this, it took a lot of work to get right but i'm so glad the site is now safe to navigate for all!

i have one other update, i was able to rebook for both wasabicon and megacon, so i'll be at wasabi again later this year (october 11-14) and megacon next (february 6-9, 2025)! i've added both to the sidebar! still waiting to hear back from several other summer cons (including AFO and otakufest) and hopefully will know if we got in soon!!



hey gang!!! got some awesome updates to share with you today! let's start with the most exciting of the bunch: we got into animazement!! come see us in raleigh, north carolina this may, on the weekend of the 24th-26th! this will be the furthest from home the gang has ever traveled for a con, bringing our merch and message to a whole new audience! our first step toward conquering the weeb world. ♛ i can't wait!

new boys incoming!

next on the docket is a preorder announcement for our next set of BOY ⭐️ CATCHER rainbow acrylic keychains! this time it's a whole trio of digimon goggle boys, daisuke, takato, and takuya! they'll be shipping in late march, but you can reserve one now at our online shop!

our final announcement for today is regarding some recent website updates! the color switcher is still in the works, but the merch page has been updated with a gallery that you can click to expand! this should hopefully be easier to load and view! we've also added a new POLL on the sidebar that you should all check out!! the next thing we'll be working on is some more apparel, but in the meantime i wanted to get everyone's opinions on the next acrylic product they'd like to see! please take a moment to vote on our site's sidebar!!

thanks for reading our latest updates! stay tuned for more con and merch announcements as we head into spring! (。•̀ᴗ-)✧



after taking a few days to get my life back in order after megacon, i've finally reopened the rotten girl gang online shop with LOADS of new merch! if i had it at megacon, i have it here (all except for furry yaoi buttons, which sold out but will be back very soon xD).

along with the previously revealed new stickers, there's a new sticker sheet (and dicks are back in stock)! this one is perfect for decorating photos of your blorbos, babygirls, and precious little meow-meows. find it here!

our very first t-shirt is also available, so now you can rep the gang with this eye-catching BOY CRAZY design on super soft purple tees!

at long last, our sun & moon ship keychains have arrived in the shop!! they look amazing with gold hot stamping that shines silver on the other side! i have plans to expand this lineup and add a "sister" set with sibling pairs as well!

there's also new additions to our bespoke yaoi and ecchi button lineups, as well as a brand new ZINE all about kieran!!

it's packed with sketches and shipping!!!

thank you all SO much for your continued support! the gang is a year old now and i can't wait to see it grow in its second year! couldn't have done it without all you fabulous fujos out there. ;w;



hey gang!!! we're all set up at our very first megacon! there was a last second change of table numbers, so we're actually at AA866 instead of 868! (just one table over!) come find us thursday-sunday and pick up some brand new goodies!!!!

visit our most epic table yet this weekend!!!



as the title of this update suggests, THE GANG IS BACK IN TOWN!! we received a ton of orders during our trip and shipped them all out yesterday, then worked late into the night finishing up a big batch of new stickers for megacon! the order is in and should be here in time for the weekend!! check out the mockups below!

we've got four new holo stickers -- a refreshed fujoshi sticker, along with a (much-requested) matching fudanshi!

expanding our lineup of fujoshis are yumejoshi (for our selfshippers) and himejoshi (for our yuri enjoyers)! aren't they sweet?

we've also got a new "lesbian thoughts" sticker to go with our "gay thoughts" and another yaoi meme sticker!!

stay tuned for more megacon updates this week, and if you're going to the con, be sure to stop by table AA868 for all your fujo needs!! up next -- MORE BESPOKE YAOI BUTTONS!



great news, gang! i'll finally have my preorder items in hand this tuesday!! that means all orders of kieran, len, atom, and dead dove keychains will be shipped out this wednesday (the 10th)! and after that... i'll be taking a two-week birthday vacation!! i'll be out of town beginning thursday, january 11th, and not be back at home with my merch until january 25th! i'll be leaving the etsy shop open, but all orders received within that time will NOT be shipped out until i return! wednesday will be my last post office run before i go, so make sure you get your orders in by then if you want something shipped before my trip!

as far as merch updates go, i do have a few! our t-shirt order is in and will be completed in time for megacon, but i'm not sure if i'll have the caps or not -- i'm having trouble finding a quote that's low enough to not have to sell them for $40+ each. i may end up doing them by hand with heat transfer like my tote bags, but i won't be able to experiment with that until i get back from my trip. so they're not guaranteed by megacon, but i'm sure i'll eventually figure something out!

new sparkle prints!

we also just received our newest order of sparkle prints, which contained two new 8.5x5.5 inch pokémon mini prints! i've added them to the mini-print listing on etsy in case anyone wants to grab them before i leave -- i'll take better photos of them when i get back!

that's all i've got for today! get your orders in and i'll see you after my trip! (。•̀ᴗ-)✧



hey gang!! we've got a big end-of-year update today revealing lots of new merch debuting for megacon 2024 -- and some available now!

ANIME BOY TEARS mugs are now up in our online shop!! now you can sip on the sweet, salty tears of your favorite whump-able anime boy in a cute teal ceramic mug! this is our last product drop of 2023, as our next order won't be arriving until january! speaking of which, we got a preview of that today...

a supplier photo of our new line of charms!

as those of you who follow us on aethy already know, we've been hard at work on a brand new line of acrylic charms with gold hot stamping! there will be EIGHT varieties available in the first batch, each of them depicting a gay (or lesbian!) ship with a "sun & moon" dynamic! today we got our first look at the final charms -- aren't they stunning? *w*

more upcoming merch!

these next two photos are mockups of more new merch debuting at megacon!! we've just submitted the order for our first shirt design -- a purple "BOY CRAZY" tee depicting our mascot fujo character ringo-chan! and we're currently shopping for quotes on an embroidered "FUJOSHI" cap design! both of these will go up in the online shop after megacon, in early february 2024!

before 2023 ends, i wanted to sincerely thank ALL OF YOU for supporting this brand-new project this year!! it's truly been a labor of love for me, and watching it grow from an idea to a flourishing business over the course of these 12 short months has been incredible. this dream couldn't have come true without you, and i can't wait to see what the next year brings for the gang. i know i'll be working hard every day to make it the best and boldest it can be! 。゚+.*(+・`ω・)9



time for a quick holiday matsuri recap before i head home for the holidays! please be aware that any outstanding orders/new orders will not be shipped until i get back on the 26th!

so, like i said in our last update, we DID actually get to vend at holiday matsuri after all thanks to the generosity of our amazing friend bubbly sheep creations! we had an extremely successful con with only 2 feet of table space and even sold out of dicker sheets!! we also debuted our newest product...

...the ANIME BOY TEARS mug!

these will be up in the shop after christmas, so look forward to that and all the new products we'll be debuting at megacon! but enough about business, what about pleasure?

a meeting of the minds...

there was only ONE event important enough for me to leave my table during holmat, and that was our friend and site affiliate denpa archivist's YAOI MEETUP! it was a truly heartwarming little get-together of fujoshi, fudanshi, cosplayers, artists, and more! we shared stickers, traded bracelets, looked at doujins, and left having made many new friends! thank you so much to denpa for putting it together!!! i hope many more meetups like this will pop up so fujos all over have a space to be themselves and have fun!!

united under yaoi!

as we head into the holidays, i hope you all have a merry yaoimas and a happy new yuri! i'll leave you with this beautiful photo of yuri and yaoi jesus wearing our pins wednesday night!

truly blessed!!



sorry i didn't get to update my blog sooner, but I ACTUALLY DID GET A SPACE AT HOLIDAY MATSURI THIS YEAR!

it's small, but it's something!

i got SUPER lucky that the tables turned out to be 8 feet long despite my friend bubbly sheep creations confirming with them beforehand, and therefore planning for a 6-footer! she gave me her extra 2 feet to set up a mini rotten girl gang table, which has been CRAZY profitable these last two days! there's one more day to see us there, and i have a feeling it's going to be a big one!!! come by table O7 right near the exit of the artist alley and check us out before we sell out of everything!

i'll make a longer post after the con with a recap and more, but now i need to go restock my merch and get to bed! x3



hey gang, we just submitted a BIG merch order with lots of new stuff, including new boys for the BOY ☆ CATCHER!

the catch of the day!

a new preorder listing is up for kieran, atom, and len rainbow acrylic keychains! you can grab your favorite boy at our etsy!

i have much, MUCH more to reveal before megacon, so keep an eye out for more updates soon! the order will arrive early january, and include a restock of our dead dove yaoi candy keychains for those waiting on them!

speaking of cons, we got into bold matsuri again! it's a long ways off (june 22nd-23rd), but it's great to know we already have a summer con date set! hope to see you there! ^w^



last night we had another spot at player 1 orlando! big thanks to everyone who stopped by and grabbed some swag!

our simple lil setup!

every weeb wednesday the artists each donate a piece of their merch to be raffled off, and this time i gave them an organic yaoi sticker, which caused quite a fuss amongst the guests. there was a big group of guys chanting for it through the raffle and one of them finally won it and brought all their friends over to buy stuff from the gang (including dick stickers). i hope to get another gig there soon!!



today’s your last day to take advantage of rotten girl gang’s black friday deal! use the code "BLACKFRIDAY" for free shipping on orders of $30 or more! PLUS it turns out etsy’s offering $5 off $30 for cyber monday with the code "CYBER5"!! this should be able to combine with our free shipping coupon!! don’t miss out on these sweet deals!! ^w^

also, there's going to be a slight delay in shipping this week, but all outstanding and incoming orders will be shipped by thursday at the latest!



hey gang! i'm running a special deal for black friday that will last from NOW (midnight on november 24th) until 11:59pm EST on cyber monday (november 27th)! what i've done is lower the threshold for free US shipping from our etsy shop from $50 to $30, so any purchase of $30 or more can get free shipping with the code "BLACKFRIDAY"! have fun shopping~!